My child goes to a different primary school than Boronia Primary School. Can they still enrol in Boronia K-12 College?

Some parents prefer to send their child to their local primary school and/or to a primary school they have a connection to and/or like the feeling of. Your child is welcome to enrol at any time. If your child enrols into year 7 we will have in place a range of transition activities to make your child feel part of the college in a very short period of time.

What do you offer secondary students at Boronia K-12 College?

Boronia K-12 College will offer a personalised curriculum to all students.

We will ensure that students who choose to enrol with us in year 7 will also have access to personalised learning including elective subjects (student choice) and a science curriculum relevant to secondary students.

Students will undertake literacy and numeracy in flexible groupings based on their ability level (data accumulated across time if your child attended BPS or collected from local primary schools as well as internal assessments). This model will allow us to accelerate students or support students depending on their individual needs and abilities.

We will offer multiple pathways from year 10 providing the opportunity for acceleration into tertiary studies, a supported pathway through VCE, vocational options through VET, KIOSC (Trade Training Centre) and VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) also dependant on student abilities and aspirations.

What is the new uniform like?

The new uniform incorporates the colours of both ‘old’ schools (navy, jade and red). It is an attractive, modern and practical uniform. It is also represents the values and aspirations of Boronia K-12 College and students will wear it with pride.

The uniform acknowledges the milestones and maturity levels at each ‘stage of schooling’. Please look at the ‘uniform’ page for further information.

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