Wellbeing & Support

Students experience the support and care of a small group of teachers at each level of schooling. At Boronia K-12 College your child is a name not a number. Strong and enduring relationships with families develop in the early years creating a family focused learning community throughout the school. Teachers will know your child really well, their strengths, weaknesses, learning style, likes and dislikes. Knowledge about your child’s level of achievement will be shared with teachers at the next level so they can be taught from their point of need at the start of each year. Your child will develop confidence and increasing independence as they move through the stages of schooling.

Parents are invited to form a partnership with the college to ensure that their children achieve their goals and enjoy their time at school. Parents can join Parents Club, seek election to College Council, attend school activities and events, and assist with fundraisers and working bees. We also train those parents wishing to become classroom helpers.

School programs such as student leadership, peer support, Bounce Back and the Health Education curriculum in middle years focus on teaching students to become confident, resilient, assertive and cooperative individuals.

Support is offered by every staff member and teacher in the college. Additional support is provided by the Chaplain, Student Welfare Coordinator and Adolescent Health Nurse.

Boronia K-12 College has a zero tolerance policy towards all types of Bullying (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional or cyber). We urge parents to communicate any concerns to the school as soon as they arise.

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