Senior Programs – (10-12)

Year 10 students are offered the opportunity to begin on their pathway of choice, maximising their engagement and focus on their future, and increasing the range of subjects undertaken. From year 10, students can choose VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) or VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) pathway, depending on where their aspirations lie. This allows for acceleration for those students who are capable and have a definite goal in mind, and provides a more supported pathway for those students who are still finding their way or need to further develop skills. VCE is a recommended pathway for students wishing to undertake tertiary courses or for those students who are undecided and wish to keep their options as board as possible.

VCAL is offered at Foundation, Intermediate and Senior level. This program combines academic studies, work placement and a VET (Vocational and Educational Training) study, leading to apprenticeship, employment or further study opportunities.

A VET study can also be combined with VCE pathway.

Careers Education at Boronia K-12 College begins in the Middle Years with students beginning to identify skills and goals and map future plans. This becomes a major focus in Senior Years.

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