Middle School Years (5–9)

Our 5, 6, 7 program is delivered by a group of 6 teachers who take responsibility for the bulk of the core program including Literacy (English) and Numeracy (Maths), and Humanities (History and Geography).  This team (comprised of both primary and secondary staff) also has responsibility for the provision of pastoral care, which incorporates a vertical structure (i.e. includes students from each year level).  This is an important part of building relationships between students in our Middle Years Learning Neighbourhood.  Our pastoral care program and structure ensures that there is a significant adult (mentor) taking an active interest in the social, emotional and academic development of each of the students in their care.  We expect our teacher mentors to have a strong and positive relationship with the home built upon shared trust and effective communication.

Our 2014 Year 7 and 8 cohort are located at the Rangeview Campus. Their program includes a blend of a traditional Year 7 program including electives such as Food Technology, Drama, Multi Media, Art, Multi Materials, Sport, Dance and Music, as well as the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Humanities.  Our core program continues to be built  upon learning in an explicit, targeted and personalized manner.  Our aim is to minimise the transitional bumps that are often associated with the movement of students between grade 6 and year 7 and to continue to build the leadership capabilities of our students.

Year 9 students continue to be based at Mount View Campus in 2014. They experience a differentiated and personalised curriculum, with an emphasis on continuing to build knowledge and skills in Literacy and Numeracy.  Year 8 students undertake The Compass Award and year 9 students undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Award. Both of these programs focus on community engagement, personal challenge and recognition of personal achievement.

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