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Term 2 June 2022
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Year 1/2 at Healesville Sanctuary

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Staying Connected
This year, we have made some changes in the way we celebrate the wonderful things that are happening around our college.
  1. We have changed to one Newsletter at the end of each term. This will feature reports from each area of the school and member of the Principal Team. It will highlight significant events, highlights and achievements from the Term. It will also outline key dates and events for the following term.
  2. Social Media is used as a daily celebration of the great things happening around the college. It will display photos from excursions, incursions, camps, sports and concerts. It will also provide a snapshot of the work going on in classrooms and excellence in student work. We will advertise community events, open days/nights, tours and dates for enrolment.
We hope this will not only provide insights to our own families but also promote what we do to the broader community.

If you don’t already follow us, please jump on Facebook, support us by following the page and share with friends and family.

Staffing Updates
In Term Three, we welcome back Krystal Johnston (Jackson), Grace Barnard and Narelle Simpson. Krystal is returning from family leave and will be working within our literacy support team, working with small groups and individuals. Grace is also returning from family leave and will be teaching in Yr5/6. Narelle has gained valuable experience and new knowledge teaching for two years in an International Baccalaureate World School in Singapore. Narelle will become a part of our primary specialist team, as well as our primary literacy support team.

We will also miss two members of staff who are taking some extended leave in Semester Two – Sharyn Williamson who is currently in our Junior Specialist Team and Vic Emerson who works in our secondary English team.

In exciting news, Lyle D’Rozario welcomed his daughter into the world on 16 June – baby Jordyn. Mum and baby both healthy. Mr D will return Week One of next term after some family time at the end of this term.

There may also be some baby news in the next newsletter and the one after that!

We are now taking enrolments from 3-year-old kindergarten through to Year 12 for 2023. If you or someone you know is looking to enrol you can:
All Prep 2023 new enrolments are due by the 12 August 2022

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable term break and we will see you back fresh on Monday 11 July.

Kind regards,
Matthew Scammell


SECONDARY ~ Term 2 Reflection

With the completion of Term 2, as a College, we are all looking forward to a having break to re-connect with family and friends. The current wave of Influenza and continual run of positive covid cases have caused some minor disruptions to the daily operations of the college across this term. We continue to see some of our staff and many students absent on a daily basis, which at times can have an impact on the classroom learning and programs delivered at the college. This presents an opportune time however to express thanks to the teaching and education support staff for their commitment to providing the best educational opportunities for our students and to thank the parents of our school community for continuing to be active partners with us in the development of our young people.
Once again, in a very busy term, there has been a wide range of engaging learning experiences for all year levels that continue to add to the richness of life at our College. The success of these activities, whether they be sporting, musical, camps or excursions, reflects the connection and engagement teachers and students share together. Boronia K-12 students have been able to engage in a wide variety of interschool sports across Term 2 including Netball, Badminton, Basketball and AFL. A very enthusiastic group of year 9/10 students participated in a 2-day Computer Science and Information Technology workshop thanks to the partnership that Dr Anthony Hope has forged with RMIT. Our wonderful VCAL students spent 2 days creating an Amazing Race Program in the Melbourne CBD as part of their integrated studies whilst Year 12 Business Management students and their teacher Cath Holleran visited Yakult to see Operations Management in action. Students in years 7, 8, and 10 visited KIOSC at Swinburne to undertake activities relating to Biology (yr 10), Forensics (yr 9) and Mission to Mars (yr 7 &8). Our Maths Extension program continued to flourish across the term as did the small number of students involved in the VHAP (Victorian High Achievers program) which included a masterclass with Author AJ Betts.

Maths Extension Program
Finally, a reminder that Semester 1 Reports will be available on Compass at the end of Term 2. Please read these reports carefully and discuss with your child how they can further improve their academic performance in the second half of this year.

When reflecting on their reports, students should focus upon the attributes and behaviours teachers have recommended for their further improvement - perseverance, hard work, asking for help, taking pride in their learning and setting high expectations. Educational research has proven that intelligence is changeable (not predetermined or fixed), and that academic growth can be achieved by everyone through working hard, being resilient and acting on the feedback given in the end-of-semester reports. These are the keys to achieving this growth.

2023 Subject Information

The commencement of Term 3 brings with it the process of subject selections for the following year. The initial focus of 2023 course information will be directed towards our current Year 10 cohort. This is an important process and one that requires careful consideration. To assist students and parents/caregivers in understanding the various options that will be available as they move into Year 11, 2023 we will deliver a general VCE/VCAL overview session for all Year 10 students in the first few weeks of Term 3 during Mentor classes (Wednesday Period 5). Stay tuned for more details about the information sessions and subject selection procedures for Year 10 and Year 11 students in 2023.


We always appreciate the support of students and parents/carers in ensuring that the College uniform is worn correctly. As the recent conditions suggest, it is quite cold and students need to be mindful in making sure that their uniform is appropriate for both school and the conditions. Whilst our classrooms are heated, we understand that transition to and from school as well as at recess and lunch breaks can be chilly. We advise that students consider wearing a plain white T-shirt under their school shirt for extra warmth. Students who wear trousers may wish to wear stockings or ‘skins’ under their long pants and students are encouraged to wear the navy school scarf and/or beanie for neck and head warmth.

Finally, I wish to remind all families that if any student has a genuine uniform emergency and is unable to wear any part of their uniform on any given day, they should provide a signed note from their parent/s or guardian/s explaining the reason. The temporary alternate item should be as similar as possible to the school uniform (e.g. a navy jumper or windcheater). The school has a supply of spare jumpers and jackets for students to borrow if necessary. We welcome the donation of any school uniform items that are in good condition and no longer required by families. These donated second hand uniforms will be redistributed to families in need and are very much appreciated. Families wishing to seek uniform assistance are asked to contact Ms. Costa (Student Wellbeing Coordinator) or Ms Tanner (Assistant Principal - Wellbeing) regarding any concerns relating to these matters.

I would like to thank students, staff and parents on your contribution to a wonderful semester of learning. I wish all families and staff a safe and restful break. I look forward to seeing you all safe and sound on Monday 11 July, 2022. I trust that all of our students and staff members have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
Kathryn Middleton
Secondary Assistant Principal



It has been a busy but exciting term as we return to ‘normal’ with school events, excursions and special days punctuating the chilly Melbourne weather.
Some of the events we have enjoyed include:
  • District events for Athletics and Cross Country
  • Year 1.2 Excursion to Healesville Sanctuary
  • 6 Community Day with Elephant Ed
  • 4 Community Day with Project Rockit
  • Commencement of the Year 4 My Generation Project with Boronia Revitalisation Group
  • Foundation walk to Boronia Arboretum
  • Year 5.6 Interschool sport
11 girls
11 boys
boys team
District Cross Country
9 boys
12 boys front
Our Year 3s and 5s all were amazing in their resilience, persistence and determination throughout the NAPLAN online testing period. Not only was it our first ever time using the online platform, for both the Year 3s and 5s their first experience overall of this National test and all the rigours and rules that surround it. We were exceptionally proud of the attitude they had when completing the test independently, without the help and support that would be available from peers and teachers. Hopefully, the online platform was able to capture an accurate snapshot of their learning to date.

By far the Primary School’s biggest achievement this term has been our success in our PYP Authorisation. Even throughout multiple lockdowns, the staff and students have worked diligently to embed the standards and practices of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) into their everyday teaching and learning practices. Our greatest feedback was how effectively our staff work collectively as a team, continuing to develop and learn as we continue this journey.
While this is a significant milestone and a time for celebration, it is by no mean the end as we work further towards an evaluation in the coming years. Part of what attracted our teachers and families to the PYP was the constant cycle of improvement and the access to evidence based, high quality international resources, training and innovation in education. I am proud to have lead the ELC and Primary School students, staff and parents throughout the journey and as we continue to develop our work in this area.

Look out for more information in the coming terms for information in newsfeeds, newsletters and some opportunities to connect to the learning within the classroom to find out more.
Cassandra Wright
Primary Assistant Principal


Developing fine motor skills takes time, patience, consistent opportunities to experiment, self-regulation and perseverance. Holding a needle and threading objects is a complex motor skill that we challenged ourselves to. We wanted to create an art piece that was reflective of the weather we have been experiencing so we decided to thread recycled objects that represent the rain that we are seeing every day.

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here are some examples of STEM experiences in the Kindergarten that are invitations for the children to be curious, imaginative and use their concentration skills to achieve goals.
This Term we began a seed growing inquiry. We had a few wonderings and questions in the beginning. We wondered what changes we will see and how long it will take to see these changes. We hypothesised about what the seed may look like when it has finished growing.

We are excited to observe these seeds growing on our window in the ELC and to take notice of the changes happening and to learn about our responsibilities for taking care of these growing seeds to ensure they grow and survive.

Michelle Buchanan
Director of the ELC


The feature of this term has been the focus on Community. Our community of students, community of parents and our community partnerships.
EACH - Healthy Eating Initiative
Early in Term 2 Boronia K-12 College partnered with EACH. The partnership has EACH providing a healthy eating program for Boronia K-12 College's primary school students and their families. “Cooking with Kids” was our first activity. Families were invited to an afternoon celebrating and encouraging cooking at home with their children. The families used the school’s kitchens to make a quick nutritious meal of chicken rice paper rolls and fruit salad skewers to share within the dining room and to take home. It was a great family event.
Campfire Conversation
The Education Department is supporting schools to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, young people and school staff together to listen, share and connect about self-determination for Koorie people in education. Boronia K-12 College is just one of 100 schools state-wide selected to host a campfire.

The campfire represents the gathering of Koorie communities, young people and schools to help build a shared understanding of what self-determination is and what it means to Koorie people in education. The fire itself symbolises self-determination, while the stories shared at the campfire are the sparks that will keep the flames burning strong.

The purpose of the campfires, storytelling and deep listening is to:
  • provide Koorie people opportunities to define self-determination in education.
  • explore possibilities for how self-determination could and should look in education.
  • build and strengthen partnerships between Koorie communities and schools.
  • develop a range of changes to improve agency and success for Koorie people in schools.
  • highlight the benefits of self-determination for the whole school community.
The stories that were captured reveal a community that has suffered trauma and that this has impacted on the students we have in our school. The main emphasis was around addressing this impact through an inclusive approach.

We need to educate the community through an embedded curriculum that is a true reflection of the indigenous story. The school was encourged to be brave and willing to bring this change. The Campfire was just a starting point. We will reach out to local community and Elders to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders communities together again to share values and support the path to self-determination.

It was a privilege for our staff to attend and listen deeply to their stories and hear the hopes and dreams of their community.
The Artist Nakia Cadd is a Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Bunitjwoman, mother and artist who grew up in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Her work has strong design elements of line work that connect with her family lines and landscapes of her Countries. Nakia’s artwork is also inspired by her motherhood journey, family and country. She likes to use art opportunities and platforms to creatively honour and retell her families’ stories that symbolise immense strength and resilience.
Term 2 Cohort Community Days
The Wellbeing Team in collaboration with the sub-schools have delivered cohort days to the Year 11, Grade 5/6 and Grade 3/4 students. These days are an opportunity to deliver aspects of the Respectful Relationship curriculum. Respectful relationships sits within two complementary areas of the Victorian F-10 curriculum; The Personal and Social Capability and the Health and Physical Education curriculum.

The Personal and Social Capability involves learning to recognise and regulate emotions, develop empathy for others and understand relationships, establish and build a framework for positive relationships, work effectively in teams and develop leadership skills. Looking at the Health curriculum it enables students to recognise personal qualities, understand identity and strategies for respectful relationships.

The Year 11 students were involved in a series of workshops that covered everything from understanding the role of “Privilege” in sexual relationships, the concept of assertiveness and practicing assertive talk to speak up for oneself, identifying strategies to prevent or reduce harm associated with risk taking behaviour and Career Action planning. The last session was just a good fun afternoon at Jump Deck. We were so impressed with the way the students embraced their day. They actively participated in all of the activities, showing respect and interest.

The Grade 5/6 and Grade 3/4 days were run in a very similar manner. They had guest speakers from Elephant Ed and Project Rockit who presented ideas such as “Identity”, “Embracing Change” and the importance of self. The school-based workshops further explored e-safety and the importance of developing emotional literacy and a growth mindset. Again, we very really impressed with the way the students involved themselves in the activities and drew on their existing social and emotional language to express themselves.

The Wellbeing Team wishes all families a safe and healthy holiday. We also want to remind families to visit the “Wellbeing Hub” on our website to access any support information you may require over the holiday break.

Adrienne Tanner
Assistant Principal Wellbeing and Inclusion


Healesville Sanctuary Incursions

Healesville Sanctuary 2edit
Healesville Sanctuary 4
Healesville Sanctuary 3

Foundation Tim Neville Arboretum Walk & Play


Year 1/2

Understanding our past helps us understand who we are today



Firstly, it has been fantastic to get through each day of this semester with our students back at school, in their classes and trying their best to learn. A full-time return to school has also brought with it some fantastic opportunities for us to engage in activities such as excursions, sports, camps and KIOSC days (just to name a few).

With many learning opportunities, excursions, events, and other programs set to continue in Semester 2, it remains important that we as a community of staff, students and parents continue to focus on achieving our personal best and ‘Having a Go’ each day. On that note, I’d like to send my congratulations to our Middle School CARL Award recipients for this term for their ongoing commitment to achieving their personal best.

During Term 3, we will be focussing on the value of Respect. For us, respect means that we are:
  • Kind to staff, students, guests & ourselves
  • Positive role models to those around us at school and out in the community
  • Helpful to others and are committed to ‘Doing our bit’ to provide a safe environment for learning
Now more than ever, it is crucial that we move forward as a community and ‘Do our bit’ to make sure we are safe and respectful to ourselves and each other. This is always evident when we see in our classrooms that students are able to learn, teachers are able to teach and everyone who comes to our school feels safe and supported. I’d like to thank you, our students, staff and parents for your ongoing support in helping us achieve this, and wish you all a wonderful end of term break.

Lyle D’Rozario
Director of Middle School


Year 7 – STEM – We went to the KIOSC for a Mars bar and ended up on MARS!!!!

On Tuesday 14th June the year 7 students took a journey 75 million km away… to MARS! Well not really Mars but we did go to K.I.O.S.C. (Knox Innovation Opportunity & Sustainability Centre) and got to explore the science and technology that is needed for humans to populate the red planet. We all got to experience three different scientific challenges that will be presented to humans when we make it to Mars.
In the first room we got the chance to explore different building materials that we could use to construct liveable and sustainable facilities on Mars. As the temperature on Mars is much colder than Earth, we got to simulate buildings and used dry ice to replicate the cold. Dry ice is solid at about -30*C. Our task was to record the temperature at 1-minute intervals for 5 mins. The best ‘house’ was the one where the temperature change was the smallest.
In the VR room we were able to experience travel to Mars in the spaceship, fix equipment and drive the rover using remote controls. Because it was Virtual Reality, we were able to fully immerse into the environment. The VR was pretty cool and fun to play with, even if there were some technical glitches with the program. (Hope this doesn’t happen when we really go to Mars).
The next room was pretty awesome too… we got to go into a 360* viewing room that showed us a view of what it would be really like on Mars. Some of us felt a bit dizzy because the room seemed be moving under our feet. In this session we also got the chance to pilot drones, just like the Ginny drone that NASA just flew on the Planet. Some of us made the drone do flips and we completed tasks that would be done on Mars.

Overall, we had a great time. The best things were the Drones and the VR.
From the students of 7C

Year 8's also completed their Mission to Mars this term.

Middle School Sports and Excursions

Tennis April
Sport 2edit
Girls Footy 3
Bushwalk last week


End of Semester 1

It hardly seems possible that we have reached the half-way point of the year already, but at least we can celebrate the fact that, unlike the last two years, we have managed to get to this point in the year without having been required to undertake school closures and remote on-line learning.
Having said that, this First Semester has not been without its own challenges for our Senior School (Years 10-12) students and staff. Many students and staff have endured time away from school as a result of contracting COVID and, more recently, what appears to be a very virulent strain of the flu. For our VCE and VCAL students, particularly those undertaking Year 12, time away from school is never welcomed, and has required those students affected to catch-up with the work missed during their time away from school, and it is worth acknowledging that the majority of these students have risen to the challenge of doing so. They have also been very well supported by the Senior School staff who have been very flexible and accommodating in terms of adjusting deadlines and shifting SAC dates and the like.

It is also appropriate to acknowledge the way in which our Senior School students, particularly at Years 12 and 11, have coped and adjusted to staff absences, which on occasions, has resulted in some classes having to work independently in private study. The maturity and cooperation displayed by the vast majority of students whenever this has proven necessary has been very gratifying, and once more students are to be congratulated on the way they have conducted themselves during these difficult circumstances. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those BK-12 staff and Casual Replacement Teachers (CRTs) who have taken classes for their ill colleagues throughout the semester.

The first half of this year has also provided us with the opportunity to see the return of many of the things that went by the wayside over the last two years. Our Senior School students have once again been able to enjoy the collegiality associated with the whole school Athletics Day in Term One, and it was great to see so many of our Senior students get into the spirit of the day by dressing in their House colours as well as some other interesting costumes!

Our Senior School students have also been able to represent the College in a wide variety of Inter-School Sports over the course of Term One and Term Two, with a number of our Senior (Years 11 & 12) and Intermediate (Years 9 & 10) teams performing impressively against many larger schools from the area.
IintermediateGirls Footy
The Semester has also seen us able to hold a number of special event days for our Senior School students – something that was not really possible over the past two years. In Term One, our Year 12 cohort was involved in our inaugural Year 12 Energize Day. This day focused on the health and wellbeing of our Year 12 students and involved a number of different sessions focusing on a healthy mind, body and soul, as well as the opportunity to have a bit of fun. The day kicked off with a healthy and nutritious breakfast being provided by the Senior Sub-School and Wellbeing team in the Senior Study Centre. This was followed by a presentation from the first of our guest presenters on the day – an organisation known as ‘Elephant Ed’ – who provided a fun and engaging session on relationships as part of the school’s Respectful Relationships program. The students then participated in a Yoga and Mindfulness session in the gym with the Downward Dog and some centred breathing activities, being a feature of this session. Morning tea was then served in the Senior Study centre, followed by a session presented by the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – “When Gaming Meets Gambling” - which served to provide students with a better understanding of online games and the links in some areas with gambling-related themes.
A change of pace was then the order of the day, as students boarded the bus and headed off to RUSH HQ to participate in Indoor trampolining, dodge ball, and a range of team-building activities. Plenty of fun and excitement was had by all, including the teachers who accompanied the students, as they bounced, flipped and flung themselves on and around the trampolines, multi-level obstacle course, slam-dunk basketball lanes, rock-climbing walls and dodge-ball areas.
Just recently, a similar day was held for our Year 11 Students who, like the Year 12’s, participated in a range of different activities and workshops across the day. For our Year 11’s, their Energize Day commenced with a presentation on relationships and privilege by the Elephant Ed organisation. This was followed by a series of three workshops covering Career Action Planning, Positive Gender Relations, and Team Building facilitated by staff from the College. Morning tea provided by the school’s Wellbeing Team helped keep students energized through the morning sessions, before the students headed out for an afternoon of trampolining, dodge-ball and other fun activities at JumpDeck in Knoxfield.

Off the back of the success of these two days, these events are set to become a regular part of the school’s Wellbeing and pastoral program into the future.

Our Year 10 students have also had the opportunity to enjoy some special activities this semester. They too recently received a presentation on Respectful Relationships facilitated by Elephant Ed. Early in Term Two, through the B-Ready program, our Year 10 students were the recipients of a an interactive classroom session as part of the VicRoads Road Smart initiative. This was free road safety education program designed to help beginner drivers build safe driving knowledge, skills and behaviours. In addition to the classroom session, the Road Smart program also featured the opportunity for those students with their Learner’s Permit to access a FREE driving lesson - a practical one-on-one on-road driving session with an approved driving instructor outside of school hours. An eLearning module for beginner drivers, which covered safe driving skills and tactics and resources for supervising drivers, including an online learning module were also features of the Road Smart program.

The semester has also seen a small group of Year 10 students participate in the Woori Yallock Farm School Program every Tuesday. Students attending the Farm School participate in a range of hands-on activities centred around horticulture, conservation and land management, as well as a range of team building activities and excursions. As part of the program, students have the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised VET qualification in (Certificate 1) Conservation and Ecosystem Management. At the same time, students are able to build their self-esteem and improve the strength of their personal qualities such as social and team working skills.
Week 1 Garden 2
In closing I would like to thank all Senior School students for their efforts both in and out of class over the course of the first half of the year, but also take this opportunity to remind them that the next Semester will also come and go just as quickly as this first one. It is important that all Senior School students use this coming Semester to either consolidate on the strong start they have made to the year, or to bring about any improvements and adjustments they need to make in terms of their attendance, behaviour, work ethic, work completion and level of performance. The end of the year and all that that entails for our Senior School students, particularly our Year 12’s, will be upon us before we know it!
Wayne Judge
Director of Senior School


12V were hard at work on the culinary vegetable patch near the kitchens this term. These hard-working students built the garden bed filled it with soil and with the kind donation made by Darren Jackson, from Colchester Nursery we were able to plant up a nice array of herbs and vegetables. Including, Beetroot, Kale, Cauliflower, Basil, Curry plant, Marjoram and Mint, to be utilized by our cooking classes and possibly to sprinkle on our VCAL pizzas later this year.


Timber Creations

Students have been working hard in the timber workshop this term and have produced some exceptional pieces. The frog pencil holders are by 8C and the tool caddy’s by year 9 Timber elective students.
Gabby - table final (1)
Shaun D table final (3)
Ryan Mayfield laser top view
Year 10’s have been busy learning a range of technical skills and using a wide variety of tools and machinery to produce an ‘Occasional Table’ for their end user. Students were challenged with accurately marking out and dowelling their pine table frames using the horizontal borer. Each table has its own unique finish, some opted to experiment with the Laser Engraver to print their selected design on their table top (special thankyou to Mr Robinson for assisting with the laser printing). One student used an old mirror for a mosaic top. Most students used manufactured boards or recycled panels with edge tape for their top. Whilst others used the biscuit joiner and router to create their timber table top themselves from scratch. To finish these amazing tables students selected from available timber stain/varnish or shellac to protect their work.
jade mirror mosaic

Clay Sculptures

These clay sculptures were crafted by our Year 10 Art class, pre and post firing.
Taylah Malone 1
Momoka Losioneked


The year 9 and 10s were invited to RMIT for a 2 day coding workshop where they learnt how to build a website using html and added sophisticated style elements using css. They represented Boronia K-12 well and impressed everyone with their creative and intricate designs. They presented their projects inside a lecture theatre to a captive audience.

The demonstrators commented that the work that our students achieved in 2 days beats what she gets from first year University students after 3 weeks!

This was a great opportunity for the students to see what is possible after school and help to form a future focus. We are proud of our learning community and enjoy seeing it flourish.

Dr Hope


The encouragement of reading for fun and reading for learning is promoted and assisted with the library’s wide range of resources. The library aims to support the school’s policies by providing the necessary resources for the key learning areas of the Curriculum Framework. We hope that students will continue to enjoy using the College Library throughout their educational journey at Boronia K-12 College.

Students from Foundation to Year 6 use our Library as part of a scheduled class one period per week. During these sessions, students are given the opportunity to borrow library books to take home to their families.
Students from Year 7 to Year 12 use our Library for borrowing purposes as directed by their subject teachers, as well as before and after school, or during their lunch break.
Students from Year 7 to Year 10 also have an opportunity to visit the College Library during the first or second half of a scheduled English class once a week, these short sessions encourage and allow students to discover and borrow reading material that they will enjoy reading during their independent reading programs.
  • All Foundation to Year 6 students​ require a library bag to help protect their library books if they wish to take their borrowed library books home to read.
  • Library bags may be provided from home in a colour or style of your choosing.
  • Foundation to Year 6 students without a library bag will not be permitted to borrow library books to take home.
  • Students from Year 7 to Year 12 do not require a library bag.
Foundation: 1 book
Year 1 & Year 2: up to 2 books
Year 3 - Year 6: up to 4 books
​Year 7 - Year 12: up to 4 books
All students can borrow library books for up to 14 days. Students who require more time to finish reading books can renew books any time within the 14-day loan period.
Students who have overdue library books will not be able to borrow until all overdue books have been cleared either by returning or renewing their books.
If you are aware that a library book is lost or damaged, please let Mrs Young know, as this will assist in avoiding students having unresolved overdue loans.
Please encourage your students to look after their library books and return or re-borrow their books on time as this will avoid disappointment.

Mrs Young
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