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April 2023
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Year 9 Buttercup Camp





    It is with heartfelt gratitude that we express our thanks and appreciation to two long-serving school councillors, Drey Baldwin (President) and Rachel MacDonald (Vice President), who have dedicated their time, expertise and energy to our school community over the past 14 years. Their commitment to the school's growth and progress has been invaluable, and their contributions have made a significant difference to the lives of our students.

    Our school councillors have played a crucial role in shaping our school's policies and programs, ensuring that they align with our mission and vision. They have offered guidance and support to our teachers, staff members, and students, making sure that everyone has access to the resources they need to succeed.

    Their efforts have helped us build a strong and vibrant school community where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Their willingness to give their time and expertise is an inspiration to us all, and we are deeply grateful for the positive impact they have had on our school.

    As they step down from their roles as school councillors, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for their service and dedication to our school. We know that their contributions will continue to inspire and guide us in the years to come, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

    We also thank Tonya Crean for her service and contribution to council over the past four years and for demonstrating commitment to the school during the difficult COVID years.

    Once again, thank you to all our departing school councillors for their unwavering commitment to our school community. School leaders, past and present, will formally thank them for their service next term.

    School councils play a vital role in Victorian government schools.

    A well-informed and effective school council strengthens community confidence in the school and helps to build and secure the school’s reputation.

    Functions of school council

    The key functions of school council with regard to the school are:
    • to establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school's community
    • to raise funds for school related purposes
    • to regulate and facilitate the after-hours use of the school premises and grounds
    • to exercise a general oversight of the school buildings and grounds and ensure they are kept in good order and condition
    • to ensure that all money coming into the hands of the council is expended for proper purposes relating to the school
    • to inform itself and take into account any views of the school community for the purpose of making decisions in regard to the school and the students at the school
    • to generally stimulate interest in the school in the wider community
    • to prepare the School Strategic Plan and review the Annual Implementation Plan — to be signed by the president and the principal
    • to manage the hire, licence and shared use of school facilities
    • Discuss changes to programs, policy and operation
    This year’s school council consists of:

    Welcome to our new School Councillors:

    Mandy Hagley (Parent)
    Jacinta Cusworth (Parent)
    Matthew Payne (Student)

    Returning School Councillors:

    Susie Colling (Parent)
    Adrienne Tanner (DET)

    Continuing School Councillors:

    Jessica Grimshaw (Parent)
    Linda Groom (Parent)
    Shaye Owen (Parent)
    Matthew Scammell (DET)
    Cassie Wright (DET)
    Kathryn Middleton (DET)
    Jade Di Brino (Student)

    Susie Colling will be taking on the role of School Council President, Jess Grimshaw as Vice President and Mandy Hagley as Treasurer.

    We look forward to working together to continue to progress our school.

    As most of you would be aware, Boronia K-12 College as we know it today is made up of a rich history of previous entities coming together to form one. We exist today on the second site of Boronia Primary School, which turns 100 years old this year.
    Boronia PS was established in 1923. There was no school in the centre of Boronia and children travelled to The Basin or Bayswater. Forty-one children started at the school. The grades ranged from Year One to Year Seven.

    The school’s first site was on the corner of Erica Ave and Dorset Rd in Boronia – where McDonalds now stands. In 1948, twelve acres of land was purchased running from Rangeview Rd to Albert Ave, the present site of Boronia K-12 College.

    The Rangeview Campus has long had a history with the Mount View campus. The school community was devastated in 2002 when a fire destroyed several of the buildings and seven vehicles. Boronia Primary School has undergone several transformations with a major upgrade completed in 2005, before the merger to become Boronia K-12 College was completed almost a decade ago.
    You can find more about Boronia Primary School history on our website. We will be working with School Council to plan celebrations for later in the year.

    We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Easter and school holidays, ready for Term Two!

    Matthew Scammell


    As Term 1 draws to a close, it is an opportunity to reflect upon how much we have been able to pack into 10 weeks. It has been wonderful to experience a term that has not been affected by COVID and has enabled us to incorporate a range of fun and informative activities and events. This is what makes BK-12 a great school to be part of. The list below is just a snapshot of the first 10 weeks of 2023.
    • Whole School Swimming Carnival
    • Whole School Athletics Carnival
    • Junior and Secondary School District Swimming
    • Year 7 Camp to Healesville
    • Year 9 Buttercup Camp
    • Avalon Air Show careers event
    • Interschool sports including Volleyball and Cricket.
    • Year 10 Farm School
    • Senior School VET classes
    • Grand Prix careers event
    • VCE Art excursions
    • Victorian High-Ability Program Mathematics
    • GRIP Student Leadership Conference
    • Year 12 Energize Day
    • Get Wild Snorkelling Excursion
    • B Active Bushwalks, Archery, Lawn Bowls Excursions
    • Year 7 KIOSC

    Student Progress and Parents Contacting Staff
    Staff have now completed end of Term 1 Interim Reports which focus on expectations relating to student work habits as well as academic progress. Interim Reports were made available to parents of all students from Foundation – Year 12 via Compass on Monday 3rd April.

    Staff at Boronia K-12 welcome parent contact and are more than happy to discuss student progress and help clarify any issues that may arise. We believe that a very important element in helping children do well at school is to set high expectations. Just as our students’ belief in themselves can translate into either high or low performance, teacher and parent beliefs and behaviours can also affect how well a student performs at school. Educational research tells us that highly effective teachers are tenacious in their high expectations for all of their students – no matter what the circumstances. This also applies to parents.

    Secondary Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences are scheduled to be held on Thursday 27 April for all students in Years 7 - 12. This will be a Pupil Free Day however students are expected to attend the conferences alongside their guardians. These meetings will be held onsite (face to face) and bookings can be made under the Conferences tab on Compass. Aside from the conferences on 27 April, parents are also able to request a face-to-face meeting, phone conversation or email communication with staff at any time. It is important to make face to face appointments in advance however to ensure that the teacher is available.

    Congratulations to the bulk of our students who are wearing correct school attire most of the time. We have found that students in Year 7 -10 have particularly enjoyed the option of wearing their PE uniform for the entire day on the days they have PE/Health. Our Year 6 and Year 12 students have been sporting their unique year level jumpers which look terrific. Many staff members have also purchased and wear the Year 12 jumper as well as other items (vests, jackets, polos) proudly displaying the BK-12 logo.

    Just a reminder that if a student cannot wear an item of their uniform on any given day, they must bring a note from home and exchange this for a uniform pass from a member of their Sub School team. As the cooler weather starts to approach, we wish to remind all students and parents that ’hoodies’ are not to be worn as an alternative uniform item. If a student has a genuine uniform emergency and is unable to wear their school jumper or jacket on any given day, we request that they wear a plain windcheater or jumper (without a hood) and provide a signed note from their parent or guardian explaining the reason for this as mentioned above. The school has a supply of spare jumpers and jackets for students to borrow if necessary. Our classrooms are heated. We understand that transition to and from school as well as Recess and Lunch breaks can be chilly. We advise that students consider wearing a plain white T-shirt under their school shirt for extra warmth. Students who wear trousers may wish to wear stockings or skins under their pants and students are encouraged to wear a school cap for warmth.

    Donations of Clothing
    We are always humbled by the generosity of members of our community who continue to donate uniform items that are no longer needed by their children. This clothing has been in great condition, freshly laundered and ready to be distributed to students and families that need a helping hand. Thank you for your ongoing support. Families wishing to seek uniform assistance are asked to contact Ms. Kath Middleton or Nicole Costa on 9760 4900.

    Our Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 students have now completed The National Assessment program. Tests were undertaken in Reading, Writing, Conventions of Language (Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation) and Numeracy. We anticipate results will be forwarded to schools and then onto families during the latter half of term 2.
    NAPLAN is useful in the following ways:
    - Students and Parents can use individual results to discuss progress with teachers.
    - Teachers are able to use the results to identify students who may require extra support or further challenges in their learning.
    - Schools can use NAPLAN results to identify strengths and weaknesses in the teaching and learning programs, and also for goal setting in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy.
    - The Year 9 NAPLAN results may be used as part of the application process during Year 10 course selection for students wishing to apply to undertake a VCE Unit.

    School Photos
    Proofing of photos has been completed and the printing process has started. Arthur Reed Photos have provided an individualised flyer for each student, each with a unique code allowing parents/guardians to register online to access their child’s school photos. These flyers have been distributed by class teachers (Junior) and Learning Mentors (Secondary). The General Office also has a copy of family codes for those who have misplaced this flyer. For any questions regarding school photos please contact our office staff or contact Arthur Reed Photography directly.

    Lockers, valuables and mobile phones
    We would like to remind parents and secondary students that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they have a padlock to secure their locker. Students who have not arranged to supply a suitable padlock for their locker will need to purchase a lock from the General Office. It is important that students who bring laptops to school keep their devices very secure. The same applies to students who choose to bring mobile phones to school: these must be kept in lockers and not on the individual student’s person. The intention behind the Department of Education’s rigorous mobile phone policy is to produce positive and supportive learning environments, which have minimal disruptions to student learning. Staff at Boronia have seen a distinct improvement in student class focus and participation with the absence of mobile phone distractions. If parents have an urgent need to contact their child over the course of the day, they can leave a message at the school office.

    Safe and Relaxing Holiday
    I trust that every family will have a well deserved break and fingers crossed for some mild autumnal sunshine. I wish all families and staff a safe and restful break. I look forward to seeing you all safe and sound on Monday 24 April. Please remember that Tuesday 25 April is the ANZAC Day public holiday. The school will commemorate this significant event at a whole school assembly on Wednesday 26 April.

    Kathryn Middleton
    Secondary Assistant Principal


    How quickly Term 1 has come and gone in the Senior School with much happening over the course of the term for our Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Two major school sports carnivals - the Swimming Sports and the more recently conducted Athletics Day.
    These have both been really well supported by our Senior School students, especially our Year 12 students, who have embraced the spirit of these days by dressing up in House colours and/or fancy dress to mark these occasions.

    It has also been great to see the manner in which the majority of our Year 11 and Year 12 VCE Vocational Major students have embraced the responsibility of organising and conducting a variety of games and activities for the Foundation to Year 2 students in these events.. Feedback from the F-2 teachers have been full of praise for the patience and kindness shown by the VM students towards the younger students and for the organisation and conducting of the various activities, all of which have been planned and implemented by the VM students. Well done to the Year 11 and Year 12 VM students for your efforts in relation to these two events and your role during them!
    Senior School students have also represented the school fantastically well in a range of Inter-School Sports Days held across the Term, and supervising staff have commented on how well our students have both performed and, even more importantly, conducted themselves on these days. Well done to all students who have participated and represented the College on these days!

    Our Year 12 students were also involved in our “Thrive and Survive Day” held on Monday 6 February, which saw them participate in a variety of workshops and activities covering such things as relationships, study skills, healthy eating and sleeping habits, dealing with anxiety and stress, and culminating in a session of yoga and mindfulness. Many students provided positive feedback on what an enjoyable and informative day it was.

    First Term also saw students from across Years 10 to 12 given the opportunity to attend some major events happening in Melbourne, including the Australian International Air Show and the Australian Formula One Grand Prix. The focus of both of these excursions was to expose students to career opportunities in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)-related careers and industries, and it was great to see many students enthusiastically embracing the opportunity to be part of these days. Many thanks to our Careers and Pathways Coordinator – Ms Bennett – for her work and efforts in securing places for the school to participate in these events.
    Our Senior School Captains and Vice-Captains – Sonya L, Jarryd S, Sean B, Matthew T, Vinice B and Ollie J – recently participated in the GRIP Student Leadership Conference held in the city. This Conference focused specifically on training our student leaders for their roles in school leadership, and included workshops and presentations on a range of topics including “Making Your School a Great Place for Everybody”, “How Student Leaders Can Impact Others the Most”, “How to Get Everybody Participating in Big Events”, and “How to Make Every Student Feel Valued” amongst others. Feedback about the day from our student leaders was extremely positive, and we will certainly be looking at other opportunities throughout the year to involve our Senior School student leaders in other similar leadership training events. A big thank-you to our Student Leadership Coordinator Ms Rankine for organising the school’s participation in this event.
    A number of Year 10 students have been participating in our Farm School Program this term, heading off to Woori Yallock every Tuesday. As part of this program, students participate in a wide range of practical activities at the Farm School, as well as undertaking a number of off-site activities and excursions. Students also undertake the Farm School Certificate program, which involves students completing work similar to that undertaken in the nationally recognised Certificate I in Conservation and Ecosystem Management. The Farm School uses agriculture, outdoor and environmental education as tools to engage students, build confidence and improve personal attributes such as social and teamwork skills. The ten students involved in this year’s program have been very positive about the program and look forward to every Tuesday enthusiastically.

    It is also appropriate to acknowledge the way in which the majority of our Senior School students, particularly at Years 10 and 11, have coped and adjusted to some staffing shortages which have unfortunately arisen over the course of Term 1, and which have plagued many schools across the state. This has resulted in some disruption to some subjects, with some classes being taken by casual replacement teachers, and a small number of classes having to work independently in private study on a few occasions. The maturity and cooperation displayed by the vast majority of students whenever this has proven necessary has been very gratifying, and students are to be congratulated on the way they have conducted themselves during these difficult circumstances. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those Casual Replacement Teachers (CRTs) and BK-12 staff who have taken classes and organised work for other classes during this difficult period. Rest assured that the College has, and is continuing to work extremely hard to find suitably qualified staff to ensure that all subjects and classes have the best available teaching staff in front of them as soon as possible.

    In closing I would like to thank all Senior School students for their efforts both in and out of class over the course of First term, but also take this opportunity to remind them that the next Term will also come and go just as quickly as this first one. It is important that all Senior School students use Term 2 to either consolidate on the strong start they have made to the year, or to bring about any improvements and adjustments they need to make in terms of their attendance, behaviour, work ethic, work completion and level of performance.

    Wayne Judge
    Director of Senior School


    It has been back to business in the Middle School this term, so I would firstly like to acknowledge and commend the ongoing work of our students, staff and parents for their efforts in making Term 1 a success in a multitude of ways.

    A brief snapshot of our successes includes our achievements in the classroom, immersing ourselves in the opportunities and experiences of Year 7 and Year 9 camps, being excellent ambassadors for the college and wider community during summer sports days and participating in other various excursions.

    Our message since Day 1 this year which continues to be a point of emphasis in our day-by-day approach is simply: make the most of every learning opportunity, every day. With this in mind, it is vital that we continue to develop an understanding of our rights and responsibilities, and therefore we have consistently communicated and operated on the basis that each day:
    • Students have the right to learn in a safe and orderly classroom environment
    • Staff have the right to teach in a safe and orderly classroom environment
    For students, doing their bit to maintain their rights and the rights of others means there is an expectation to take responsibility for ensuring that they manage their own behaviour to allow themselves and others the best opportunity possible to learn across all learning areas.

    From an academic standpoint, this means students are expected to participate positively in all classes by:
    • Arriving on time
    • Having the right equipment
    • Being willing to engage with all aspects of their learning
    • Being fully prepared (by being up to date and ready to take on new learnings)
    Everyone must take responsibility in ensuring the physical and emotional safety of our community by:
    • Displaying positive behaviours which demonstrate respect for ourselves, our peers, our teachers, our parents and any other members of our community
    • Respecting and positively acknowledging our individual differences
    • Always keeping everyone’s belongings and school property safe and secure
    I appreciate the efforts of our students, staff and wider community in doing their bit to ensure this, or in some cases, reflect and consider which particular areas they want to place a concerted effort in to make improvements. Congratulations to the recipients of our CARL Awards this term for their roles in helping to make our community a better place. I look forward to continue working and celebrating our successes together throughout the year and send my best wishes to all for the Easter break.

    Lyle D’Rozario
    Director of Middle School


    Buttercup Camp

    Our Year 9 campers were lucky enough to stay at Buttercup Camp located in Merrijig in the Victorian High Country. Students settled in well on Day 1 by setting up their tents, hiking 8kms to the Plain Creek Waterfall and cooking their own dinner. The campers experienced lots of wet weather during their stay, but still had an amazing time and completed the scheduled activities which included: bushwalking, horse riding, archery, hut building and initiative activities. On the last day of camp students and teachers enjoyed a game of Splatball, followed by a BBQ lunch before arriving back home after 4 days of camp.


    Secondary School Interschool Sport
    Throughout Term 1 we have seen many students represent our College at interschool sport, including some for the first time!. We have had teams go out and represent the College across all year levels in Volleyball and Division Swimming. We have had some fantastic results across the Term and it has been great to see our students demonstrating our school values at these events.

    Term 2 is even busier in regards to sport, so please keep an eye out for announcements on Compass for sign ups and training over the coming weeks. Have a great break everyone.

    Luke Groves
    Secondary PE Co-ordinator


    This term has been an exciting one for Careers events, with excursions to The Avalon Airshow and The Grand Prix. Students enjoyed the opportunity to hear about a number of careers within either aviation or formula 1 industries, and enjoyed the chance to see and hear the action.

    Our year 9 students also engaged in a First Aid course, in preparation for their camp. With more action packed events coming in Term 2, it’s always an exciting adventure exploring the many career options available.

    Fiona Bennett
    Careers Co-ordinator


    What a significant term it has been –

    Like every year, Term 1 is always a very busy time for the Wellbeing Team. It is a time that we set up a plan for the year ahead.

    In 2023 the Wellbeing Team is:

    • Adrienne Tanner as the Assistant Principal of Wellbeing and Inclusion.
    • Nicole Costa - Wellbeing Leader
    • James Latu - Youth Worker
    • Deborah Ellis - Adolescent Health Nurse
    • Sochetta Chimm - Student Support and Engagement Counsellor
    • Amy Hayman the Mental Health Practitioner
    This term we continue to refine our processes and ensure that how we operate is best practice.

    At Boronia K-12 College we continue to strive towards a safe, supportive and stimulating environment that engages and challenges students and adults to love learning, experience success and be effective and caring members of the global community. For our new and existing families, I would like to introduce the team alongside their roles and responsibilities.

    Adrienne Tanner – Assistant Principal of Wellbeing and Inclusion
    • Oversee Disability and Inclusion Profile, Tier 2 and Koorie students
    • Working with Berry Street Educational Model, EACH, Knox Youth Services to secure learning and engagement opportunities.
    • Oversee the Adolescent Health Nurse and Doctors in Secondary School's Program
    • Provide support for disengaged students through reengagement strategies
    • As a teacher, I provide the educational lens to the work of the wellbeing team
    • Engage with community organisations to provide additional opportunities for our students and parents to feel connected and engaged within our community.
    • The implementation of Respectful Relationships and a trauma-informed learning framework.
    Nicole Costa - Wellbeing Leader
    • Registered Counsellor under the Australian Counselling Association
    • Short term counselling and liaising with external student supports
    • Overseeing the daily operations of the team and school wellbeing activities
    • Risk assessments, safety planning, responding to disclosures and critical incidents
    • Assessing and managing wellbeing referrals and team caseload
    • Oversee the schools educational responsibilities of Out of Home Care students
    • Organising group activities - meeting needs of the cohort
    • Support the implementation of social and emotional programs within the classrooms
    • Developing and supporting the implementation of targeted cohort program
    James Latu – Youth Worker
    • Mentoring students through building resilience, focusing on self-esteem and conflict resolution strategies.
    • Focus on goal setting with students to support positive wellbeing
    • Organising group activities (according to the needs of the cohort)
    • In the classroom and on the ground support for students.
    • Supporting student engagement and attendance strategies
    Deborah Ellis – Adolescent Health Nurse
    The school nurse has the ability to assist the school community to;
    • Encourage healthier school communities
    • Enhance the health of students
    • Support students to make informed decisions about their health and wellbeing
    • Develop greater connections for students at school, home and in the wider community
    • Work with teachers to deliver health education sessions
    • Support transition for students from primary to secondary school year levels and for students changing schools
    • Facilitate student wellbeing programs to improve student’s health and wellbeing (LGBTIQ+)
    Sochetta Chimm – Student Student Support and Engagement Counsellor
    • Registered Counsellor under the Australian Counselling Association
    • Short term counselling
    • Working with students that are at risk of disengagement or disengaged with education
    • Supporting students through goal setting and positive coping strategies to be ready to learn in the classroom.
    • Supporting students with transition within the school (year level to year level).
    Amy Hayman – Mental Health Practitioner
    • Amy holds a Bachelor of Education/Outdoor Recreation and a Masters of Social Work
    • Registered under the Australian Association Social Workers
    • Amy can provide direct counselling support to students and other early intervention services
    • Coordination of supports for students with more complex needs
    • Contributing to whole-school approaches to health prevention and promotion
    • Enhancing student engagement and attendance strategies
    We have a robust and thorough referral process that ensures that all members of the school community can follow a process to ensure students receive wellbeing support. Parents/guardians, and school staff may refer students for short term wellbeing support, or students may request wellbeing support. The focus of the wellbeing program is to help students better understand the world they live in and make better decisions that help them live functional lives. Referrals to the Wellbeing Team can be made at any time of the year. As a parent if you require support for your child, please contact the Wellbeing Team.

    A reminder that students who do access wellbeing supports on an ongoing basis (more than 2 sessions) will require parental consent.
    This year we plan to continue to take a proactive approach to Wellbeing and Inclusion to build the capacity of our students and staff. We plan to deliver a series of activities and programs that respond to the needs of our cohorts.

    Here are a sample of the programs we aim to deliver to both staff and students.

    • Journey Tracks (Indigenous program)
    • I Can (ASD Program)
    • Respectful Relationships (Social and Emotional framework)
    • Community Days at each cohort level
    • Kimochis (F-2 Social Emotional program)
    • Man Cave (Year 9 Boys program)
    • Project Rockit (3-4 Social Emotional program)
    • Ally Group for our LGBTIQ+ students and ally’s
    • Student voice Team
    • The Doctors in School Program (Secondary students). This term the program has been a big success. The Headspace Knox Youth GP clinic has connected with our students and families in such a positive way. Each Monday the clinic is fully booked so we decided to increase their opening hours to allow more students access.
    Wellbeing Hub
    In 2021 the Wellbeing Team launched the Boronia K-12 College Wellbeing Hub for all things Wellbeing.

    We developed it for all members of the community to be able to access support information, latest updates on Wellbeing events and much, much more. We really encourage you to have a look as we have been busy updating it with information regarding School Holiday events and upcoming Webinars for parents.

    Disability Inclusion Funding and Support
    The new Disability Inclusion reform package is being introduced over a staged rollout between 2021 to 2025 as a new funding and support model for students with disability. Schools in the Bayside Peninsula, Barwon, Loddon Campaspe, Mallee, Central Highlands, and Outer Eastern Melbourne areas, and 7 supported inclusion schools participated in years 1 and 2 of the rollout in 2021 and 2022. In 2023 all new applications for funding for students with a disability will use the new reform approach.

    The three Tier’s of supporting students are:

    Tier 1 – Core student learning funding: funding for all students' core learning needs through the Student Resource Package (SRP). This funding includes students with disability and additional needs.

    Tier 2 – School-level funding: additional funding to strengthen capacity and capability to deliver adjustments and inclusive practice for students with disability. Tier 2 funding supports students with a disability who require supplementary, substantial or extensive reasonable adjustments to participate in and derive substantial benefits from their education.

    These learners will benefit from a more targeted support, classroom and school-wide adjustments and approaches. More broadly, by strengthening school-wide capacity and capability, these practices and support are also expected to indirectly benefit all students.

    Tier 2 school-level funding and support assists schools to make reasonable adjustments for students with a disability across their school, with increased capacity to:
    • identify student learning needs
    • plan supports
    • consult with the student, their families and treating practitioners (as appropriate)
    • purchase school resources
    Tier 3 – Student-level funding: additional funding to Tier 1 and 2, to support schools to deliver adjustments for individual students with complex and high needs. The strengths- and functional needs-based approach focuses on maximising student independence and achievements, rather than focusing on limitations related to their disability. This approach provides a positive way of assessing the adjustments a student requires without solely relying on a formal diagnosis of disability. The profile considers a student’s functional needs; the adjustments required to enable them to participate in activities on the same basis as their peers. We are currently involved in preparing the evidence to present in the profile meeting.

    The Wellbeing team looks forward to working with the whole community. We want to provide opportunities to ensure we are responding to the everchanging needs of our students and families. Please feel free to contact us either through the Office or our wellbeing email - if you require any support around the inclusion and social and emotional wellbeing of your child.

    Adrienne Tanner - Assistant Principal Wellbeing and Inclusion
    Nicole Costa – Wellbeing Leader


    2023 Foundation - Year 12 Student Borrowing
    The encouragement of reading for fun and reading for learning is promoted and assisted with the libraries wide range of resources. The library aims to support the school’s policies by providing the necessary resources for the key learning areas of the Curriculum Framework. We hope that students will continue to enjoy using the College Library throughout their educational journey at Boronia K-12 College.

    Student Borrowing Guidelines
    Students from Foundation to Year 6 use our Library as part of a scheduled class one period per week. During these sessions, students are given the opportunity to borrow library books to take home to their families.

    Students from Year 7 to Year 12 use our Library for borrowing purposes as directed by their subject teachers, as well as before and after school, or during their lunch break.

    Students from Year 7 to Year 10 also have an opportunity to visit the College Library during the first or second half of a scheduled English class once a week, these short sessions encourage and allow students to discover and borrow reading material that they will enjoy reading during their independent reading programs.

    Library bags
    All Foundation to Year 6 students​ require a library bag to help protect their library books if they wish to take their borrowed library books home to read.

    Library bags may be provided from home in a colour or style of your choosing.

    Foundation to Year 6 students without a library bag will not be permitted to borrow library books to take home.

    Students from Year 7 to Year 12 do not require a library bag.

    Number of books students can borrow
    Foundation: 1 book
    Year 1 - Year 2: maximum 2 books
    Year 3 - Year 6: maximum 4 books
    ​Year 7 - Year 12: maximum 4 books

    Loan Period is 14 days
    All students can borrow library books for up to 14 days. Students who require more time to finish reading books can renew books any time within the 14-day loan period.

    Overdue Library Books
    Students who have overdue library books will not be able to borrow until all overdue books have been cleared either by returning or renewing their books.

    If you are aware that a library book is lost or damaged, please let Mrs Young know, as this will assist in avoiding students having unresolved overdue loans.

    Please encourage your students to look after their library books and return or re-borrow their books on time as this will avoid disappointment.

    Jenny Young
    School Librarian


    As we come to the end of Term 1, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect and celebrate the many achievements made along the way.

    Our students continue to show us that they can achieve – in the classroom and beyond.

    Throughout the term, we have continued to place a strong emphasis on academic excellence and personal growth. Our teachers continue to work tirelessly to create engaging and innovative Units of inquiry to shape learning that challenges and inspires our students. You will see via their Learning Tasks and interim reports the array of skills, knowledge and understanding they have worked on this term. We congratulate especially the Year 3 and 5 students for the calm but prepared way in which they approached completing NAPLAN during the assessment period.

    But we also recognise that education is about much more than just academics. Our students have continued to engage in a range of activities such as Swimming and Athletics Carnivals, representing the school at many different levels. We have been delighted to see their passion and enthusiasm in these areas.

    Children’s University program is back up and running with some familiar and new faces taking the opportunity to celebrate learning outside the classroom with activities all counting towards hours in their ‘CU Passports’. If you are looking for something to do these holidays, the Eastern Regional Libraries have some amazing experiences. Visit or call 1300 737 277 to book. You can also book in person at your local library. To contact Boronia Library, call 9800 6488.

    As we look ahead to the rest of the school year, we are excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We are committed to continuing to provide a safe, supportive, and engaging learning environment for everyone. Thank you to all of our students, parents, carers family and friends for your continued support and we wish you a restful and rejuvenating break.

    Cassie Wright
    Junior School Assistant Principal


    3 Year old Group

    The 3 year old group discovered that their finger prints and hand prints are special and unique. They used an ink pad to stamp their finger prints which we now know are never the same as anyone else's. They used paint to paint one of their hands and then stamped them onto their page too. They found they had different sized hands and palms and this too makes us different and unique from each other.

    One of our 3 year old Term 1 group goals was for the children to learn to share a play space, to begin to negotiate space and materials in a group and to be respectful of others creations when moving around a shared space. (COMMUNITY) Here are examples of how the children need to learn to share the play space whilst being respectful of others creations. These play areas can often have up to 4-6 children working on a project at a time. It’s wonderful to see the beginnings of the children’s realisation that it is important to be considerate of others as they like others to respect their space and creations too.

    4 Year old group

    Our Term 1 exploration into our Inquiry Unit ‘Who We Are’ prompted us to explore what makes us special and unique. We found a story in the library called ‘the same but different too’ – “a joyous celebration of all the wonderfully funny things that make up each and every one of us”

    The story started like this: ‘I am me and you are you. We’re the same but different too.’ It was a story that explored the similarities and differences between people. We had a group discussion after the story to begin to recognise the different things that make us unique and special.

    We stood side by side for a photo and then spent time looking at the details in our picture. The children were asked to notice the things that are the same as their peer next to them and the things that make them different. Some of the responses were quite obvious, such as their features. Other responses were less obvious and more personal about their likes and dislikes. It was a great way for us to make discoveries about what makes us special and unique.

    Michelle Buchanan
    Early Learning Centre



    In Foundation, our inquiry unit is about our community and how the people in it, help us learn. We visited the office of some of our leadership teachers.

    We have been learning to read and find “Independent reading” calming and relaxing.

    In maths we have learnt many new things such as numbers, shapes and plenty of ‘hands-on’ activities.

    Tania Carlos
    Foundation Teacher


    Year 6 Buddies

    Our Buddies program is a highly successful and valuable experience not only for our younger students but also our older students as well. This term our Grade 6 students have been teamed up with a buddy from Foundation. They will continue to enjoy fortnightly visits where they will engage in learning activities together.

    Shana Johnston
    Year 5/6 Teacher



    STEM/STEAM had been touching base on a variety of activities in term 1. As a cohort, we enjoyed playing with Ms Lu’s 4-way-chess and chess sets, exploring how to use the microscopes, and constructing with blocks, letters and loose parts. One of our challenges included building boats as a class, as a team and as individuals. For the Grade 4-6s, this also meant that each team had a limited budget. Then we moved into the realm of agar art and the world of microorganisms as a cohort, where technology, art, maths and science interconnect.

    Finally, inspired by Aussie STEM Star Prof. Munjed Al Muderis, orthopaedic surgeon, we worked with creating our own robotic hands, while the Grade 3/4s taught each other the magic of coding in Scratch. For our aspiring students, the books we explored in class include “We Go Way Back”, “Meet the Microbes” and the “Aussie STEM Stars” Chapter Book Series. For students who still want to send more agar art to be printed: search up for “Bio Art Bots”!

    Ruihong Lu



    Buy/Sell Second hand uniform
    With Winter approaching and the thought of warmer uniform options, a reminder to parents and carers that the College subscribes to the website
    Sustainable School Shop - Second hand Textbooks, Uniforms etc so that you can use the site for free. This site provides a buy/sell platform for our school community to sell and purchase second hand uniform items from other members of our school community.

    Office Hours
    Thursday 6 of April will be the last day of Term 1 and the office will close at 3.00pm. We will re- open again in Term 2 on Monday 24 April at 8:30am.
    Any parents wishing to make voluntary contributions over the break, can do so via the Compass portal.

    CSEF Applications
    The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) program helps ensure all eligible students are able to participate in school trips and sporting activities.

    If you are a health care cardholder, you may be eligible for the Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) in 2023.

    To ensure your application is made for the CSEF this year, please collect a form at the office and return the completed form to the General Office at your convenience.
    We will automatically apply for anyone who received CSEF funds applied for via Boronia K12 College in 2022, for the 2023 school year. If you received CSEF funds via a different school or have details that have changed, such as additional students, please return the completed form to the General Office at your earliest convenience.
    If you are unsure, you are welcome to make the application, just in case.

    Parent Payments
    As parents are aware schools provide students with free instruction to fulfill the standard Victorian Curriculum and we assure you that all contributions are voluntary. Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families has ensured that our school could continue to offer the best possible education and support for our students. On behalf of the school, I thank the many families who have taken the opportunity to contribute by way of voluntary contributions for items such as curriculum, ICT, wellbeing, school ground improvement etc.

    The parent payment arrangements for 2023 are up on Compass. If families are yet to contribute to our voluntary contributions for 2023 we would appreciate any contribution at this time.

    If you have any questions regarding Parent Payments, please feel free to contact me.

    Maria Jansen
    Business Manager