The kindergarten operates on a break-even, non-profit basis and relies on support from parents regarding prompt payment of fees to keep the Kindergarten financially viable.

This kindergarten is committed to:

  • affordability of fees for parents of this Kindergarten;
  • responsible financial management of this Kindergarten;
  • application of the fees policy in a non-discriminatory manner;
  • fair negotiation of late fees or non-payment fees.

Please contact the office for the fee schedule.

The government partly subsidises the 4-year-old program. If you have a Health Care card or Pensioner Concession Card, the government will provide an extra grant to our pre-school service and you will not need to pay a fee for the 4YO program. (This does not apply to the 3YO Kinder Program)

Fee Payment Details

At the beginning of each term you will receive an invoice in your child’s pocket that terms fees are due to be paid within 2 weeks.

Procedure for fee collection

  • All fees are payable through the school office. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, credit card or EFTPOS. A deposit (as determined by the sub-committee) is required in advance to confirm your child’s place at the Kindergarten.
  • A receipt is issued upon payment

Late payment of fees

Fee collection is mandatory. Any difficulty of fees by the due date should be discussed with the school Principal prior to the payment due date. An arrangement will be made for payment by instalments over the rest of the term. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Failure to pay fees by the due date or make an arrangement to do so over the rest of the term will result in that family’s fees being considered overdue and appropriate steps will be taken as follows:

  1. First reminder letter from the school Business Manager requesting payment of fees stating the amount overdue and requesting payment.
  2. Contact between the school principal and parents to arrange a meeting to negotiate a suitable arrangement. This will be done on an individual basis and names will remain confidential.
  3. In the instance of a parent still refusing to pay after having been given all the facts, the parents will be warned that the service will be withdrawn and a date given. This option will be put in writing immediately after the meeting.

Health Care card holders

Health care card holders will have the government rebate deducted from their fees gradually each term.
This policy applies to children attending the four-year old program only.

Child care cash rebate scheme

Kindergarten families may be eligible for the “Child Care Benefit for Registered Care” provided by the Family Assistance Office (through Medicare). At the end of each term, the Enrolment Officer will provide each fee-paying family with a receipt for Registered childcare. The receipt can be then used to claim Child Care Benefit on the appropriate form through Medicare.

Other money collection

All payments to the Kindergarten for any reason can be paid by EFTPOS or be made in the following manner:

Cash to be correct (we are unable to give change).

  • Please place money/cheques in a clearly named and sealed envelope.
  • Mark your child’s group on the front – A, B or C
  • Mark the amount enclosed.
  • Mark what money is for i.e excursion, raffle tickets etc.
  • Please note that staff are not responsible for handling money. All moneys should be handed in at the ELC Office if staff are not available please go to the front office
  • A receipt will be given for all fees received.