Early Learning Centre

The Boronia K-12 College Early Learning Centre (ELC) building has two fully furnished rooms available for our 3 Year Old and 4 Year Old programs.

ELC Tours

Tours of the Early Learning Centre may be made by appointment with ELC staff. During these tours, you will be given the opportunity to see the daily operation of classes with staff, parents, and students present.

To book a tour, please contact the ELC Office on (03) 9760 4922 or 0455 050 289.  Alternatively you can email us: boronia.k12@edumail.vic.gov.au.

Enrolling into the ELC

The ELC is now taking enrolment applications for both our 3 Year Old & 4 Year Old programs for 2018.

Admission requirements for 4 year old kindergarten: Your child must be 4 years of age or older by the 30th April of the year attending Kindergarten.

Admission requirements for 3 year old kindergarten:  Your child must be 3 years of age or older by the 30th April of the year attending Kindergarten.

If you would like to enroll your child, please contact the Kindergarten on 9760 4922 for an Enrolment form.

Completed forms (please ensure all sections are completed) should be returned to the ELC with a copy of your child’s birth certificate, immunisation details, and any other important documentation in relation to your child. 


The current fee structure is as follows:

  • 4 year old Kindergarten - 3 days per week - $375 per Term
  • 3 year old Kindergarten - 1 day per week – $225 per Term
  • 3 year old Kindergarten – 2 days per week – $370 per Term 

A deposit of $50 per child is payable upon offer of placement in our ELC.  This payment will secure a place for your child and applies to both 3 and 4 year old groups. If you hold a current Health Care Card, and are enrolling into our 4 Year Old Program, the $50.00 holding deposit is not required.

Fee relief is available to families, enrolling into our 4 Year Old Program, who hold a CURRENT health care card/ health benefits card/pension card.

Term fees and session times are based on the number of children enrolled and government funding for preschools

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