School councils play a key role in Victorian schools, and being a member of School Council is a rewarding and challenging experience.

Acting as a team, School Council supports the Principal to oversee the efficient governance of the College and to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

All parents of students at the College are eligible to stand for election to the College Council. The term of office for members is two years, with half the members retiring each year.

More information about School Councils can be found here:

The composition of the Boronia K-12 School Council is:

Council President Drey Baldwin
Principal Matthew Scammell
Parent / Community Representatives Drey Baldwin

Susie Colling

Tonya Crean

Jessica Grimshaw

Linda Groom

Rachel MacDonald

Shaye Owen

DE&T Representatives Kathryn Middleton

Cassandra Wright

Adrienne Tanner

Student Representatives Jade Di Brino
Nathan S


Council Dates 2022