Early Learning Centre

Our College motto “Proudly Learning Together” reflects a community committed to learning.  This learning journey is actively supported in the Pre School Years through the provision of an Early Learning Centre, which provides both 3 and 4 year old kindergarten.


Our College is organised into four Stages of Learning:

The Early Years – Kindergarten to Year 4

The Middle Years – Year 5 to Year  7

The Upper Middle Years – Year 8 to Year 9

The Later Years – Year 10 to Year 12

The Vision of our College is to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment that engages and challenges students and adults to love learning, experience success and be effective and caring members of the global community.

Our ELC is a ‘Learning Play based Program’ for 3 Year Old & 4 Year Old Kindergarten that meets the requirements of the National Quality Framework.

We encourage the children to steer what they would like to learn, with guidance from the teaching staff.

In a Learning Play Based Program environment your child will learn and develop skills that will help them become effective and caring members of the global community.

  • Your child will learn how to share, break & make friendships whilst still learning to find their place in all social circles.
  • Learning through play is where the child can express their feelings and be encouraged to think about their actions.
  • Helps them plan and be patient eg. With sharing
  • Learning from their mistakes, and learning to move forward in a positive way.

The strong Kindergarten connection with our Early Years programs through an active ‘buddies’ system, helps to facilitate a smooth transition. Transition is natural and seamless as children progress to the next level of education feeling confident and emotionally ready to move from three year old to four year old preschool and onto Prep. Parents are also more connected to the College due to their positive experiences in the E.L.C.

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