Vision & Values

Our college is committed to the development of five key relationships.  We personalise our approach to each student’s education and are able to support and extend your child through the Stages of Schooling in our family friendly learning community.  This approach is supported by a strong emphasis on building positive relationships with students, parents and the wider community.  These relationships form an important part of our learning culture and are linked to our College Values.  Our College community holds one another accountable through the shared ownership and consistent enforcement of our Student, Teacher and Parent Codes of Expectation.

Our College is committed to the development of each of our students into well educated, confident and adaptable adults, prepared to lead successful and fulfilling lives.  To achieve this goal, we offer quality teaching and learning programs delivered by highly capable, innovative and enthusiastic teaching and support team.

Boronia K-12′s Values & Vision statement

Student Code Of Expectations

Staff Code of Expectations

Parent Code of Expectations

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