The Kindergarten has T-Shirts available for purchase with the Kindergarten logo and name on the front. These can be purchased from the school.

  • Children should be sent to kinder in “work” clothes so that they are free to participate in all activities. Even though smocks (provided by the kinder) will be worn for messy activities.
  • Sun smart clothes are the best choice through Terms 1 and 4 . No singlets or dresses that expose shoulders or too much skin are recommended
  • Thongs and shoes with non-grip soles (i.e. fancy party shoes or shoes that do not fit) are not to be worn as they are dangerous when running and climbing.
  • Please ensure that clothing can be easily managed by the child when they use the toilet. Avoid braces, body suits, pants with stubborn press-studs, etc.
  • Please ensure that clothing, hats, bags and lunch boxes etc. are clearly named.