The learning Culture at Boronia K -12 College has been developed to create a safe and secure environment for all students to learn in.

On the whole, we commend our students for their behaviour and attitude towards being positive members of our community and we know that when expectations are clearly communicated, and explicit teaching occurs for students, the incidence of non-compliance is minimal and limited to very few individuals.

“Our Learning Culture” is made up of four equally important components:

  1. Our College Values
    • Community
    • Achievement
    • Respect
    • Life Long learning
  2. Our shared expectations
    • Being on time
    • Being safe and respectful
    • Being ready to learn
    • Being an active and attentive learner
  3. A staged response (planned escalation of consequences) that is implemented fairly and consistently by classroom teachers and Sub-School Leaders.
  4. Restorative Practices, the tools that frame conversations and conflict resolution.

At Boronia K-12 College, it is the responsibility of every classroom teacher to establish and maintain a positive working environment that allows all students to focus on their core business of learning.

They do this by:

  • Planning/Preparing a curriculum that is engaging and challenging for all students
    • Knowing their students as learners and young people
    • Using best practice frameworks when developing the teaching and learning program
    • Catering for the diversity of learners in every classroom
  • Establishing Classroom “Norms”
    • Unpacking our shared expectations with classes
    • Utilising cueing in strategies to assist students maintain their focus
    • Using warnings to provide students with an opportunity to self-manage and regulate behaviours
      Implementing formal outcomes in the instances when students have been unable to maintain focus – such as conferencing with students to better understand problem behaviour and establishing a plan for their next lesson
  • Referring persistent misbehaviour to a Sub School Leader for assistance.