Students learning in class

Boronia K-12 College has begun its journey to becoming an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. In 2017, the college began exploring the IBs Primary Years Program (PYP) – a curriculum framework that shapes learning from our 3-year-old kinder to Year 6. We are now expecting full accreditation in 2021.

Through the PYP, students are able to build their understanding of six Transdisciplinary Themes throughout their years in the Junior School. Students learn transferable skills and discipline based knowledge through these engaging, challenging and significant units.

A guided inquiry approach is applied in all junior classrooms, which allows students to construct their understanding through exploration and make meaningful connections in their learning.

At the end of the PYP, in Year 6, students present an exhibition that celebrates their learning throughout their years in the Junior School. This exhibition requires students to work collaboratively to explore an aspect of one of the themes in depth and present to the school community.

The Learner Profile

Students will also develop the attributes of the PYP Learner Profile throughout their journey in the PYP and we believe these acquisition of these attributes is just as important as the other skills and understanding the build through the program. The attributes will make them well-prepared for their future education and to be productive and valuable citizens of the 21st century.

These attributes are visible in every classroom, are celebrated through weekly awards and are assessed within each unit of inquiry. These attributes also compliment our school values of Community, Achievement, Respect and Lifelong Learning.

IB Learner Profile - Rose Park Primary School