At Boronia K-12 College we ensure that all transitions within and into our College are positive and memorable experiences that extend far beyond the first day.

For students that have been with us throughout their Primary School years the transition to secondary school is marked by joining our Middle School Sub-School (7-9). This means a change of location and a change of staffing, along with the introduction of lockers and a more diverse timetable with more time spent exploring specialist areas of the curriculum.

Easing the Transition

Ensuring our new Year 7 students are happy, secure and confident with a strong sense of belonging is a priority for all staff at Boronia K-12 College. Our key transition staff, consisting of our Director of Sub-School, Transition Coordinator and Assistant Director of Sub-School enjoy strong relationships with our primary staff and the local primary schools and work closely with them to ensure that students’ strengths and needs are known to us and that they are fully supported during their transition to secondary school.

We come to know the students through informal and formal methods in the lead up to the start of the school year. We provide Literacy and Numeracy testing, our Year 7 Information Night for the whole family and Orientation opportunities at the end of the grade six year.

Once students arrive at Boronia K-12 College they are supported by a variety of programs and initiatives. Our transition camp allows Year 7 students to build new friendships and to form strong and trusting relationships with key staff members.

Our Year 7 students are also supported by having a dedicated team of experienced teachers and a cluster of classrooms in our Middle School Learning Centre. It is within this space that the majority of Year 7 classes are held allowing students to develop a sense of ownership and pride over their environment and a sense of belonging and community amongst themselves and their teachers.

Open Night

In March/April each year we open our school to the community to explore the unique opportunities for learning that Boronia K-12 College offers. Interactive classroom activities and personal tours by students of the College run throughout the evening.

College Tours

Tours are run throughout the school year by a member of the Principal Team.

Register for a tour of Boronia K-12 College or contact the General Office directly on 9760 4900 if you would like more information regarding Year 7.