Science Student

At Boronia K-12 College, we focus on ensuring each student achieves the best possible educational outcomes.

We are proud of our senior students, many of whom achieve outstanding results. Our students access a wide variety of pathways at the end of their secondary education with the majority being offered tertiary entrance and employment/traineeships as a result of their VCAL pathway.

As students transition into Senior School the opportunities to refine their pathways open up and students are provided with a diverse range of subjects from all areas of the curriculum. We provide a dedicated Senior School Study Centre where they work independently and focus on achieving their academic goals. From Year 10 onwards our students are encouraged to undertake VCE/VET units of study to assist in preparing them for the rigours of a full VCE/VET program the following year.

Students receive dedicated course counselling and pathways planning and have opportunities to engage with TAFE and Universities as a result of the many partnerships that we have forged with Universities and TAFEs.

Year 10 Program

The year 10 program at Boronia K-12 College provides pathways into VCE/VET and VCAL. It gives students choice over what they study whilst ensuring that they maintain a breadth within their program to enable appropriate pathway selection the following year.

Students in year 10 are encouraged to undertake a Unit 1 and 2 or VET study as a means of introduction to the rigours of VCE.

Students undertake the following full year subjects as CORE areas of study:

  • English (4 periods)
  • Mathematics (4 periods)
  • HPE/Mentoring (1 period)

Students are then able to select 4 electives per semester from a wide range of offerings across all Learning Areas. In making their selections, in order to keep their options open, students are required to select 1 x Unit of Science, 1 x Unit of Humanities and 1x Unit of Art or Technology.

Year 11 & 12

Victorian Certificate of Education & Vocational Education and Training

The Curriculum opportunities at Boronia K-12 College are developed to meet the unique educational needs of students and to provide them with stimulating and valuable learning experiences. The College offers a comprehensive academic curriculum that is complemented by a large range of extracurricular activities and enhancement opportunities.

Selecting a VCE Program

The VCE usually involves a minimum of two years of continual assessment. However, in some cases, students may decide to complete their VCE over 3 years, or if students are returning to study the time involved may vary.

Boronia K-12 College offers flexible VCE programs to cater for a range of student needs and aspirations. In general students undertake:

  • 2 Units, 1 per Semester at Year 10 (for approved students only)
  • 12 Units, 6 per semester at Year 11
  • 10 Units, 5 per semester at Year 12

The number of units chosen for VCE may depend on a number of factors including:

  • Student academic achievement and aspirations
  • Medical or learning difficulties
  • Tertiary pre-requisites
  • Specialist programs (EG: Sport)

To qualify for their VCE, students must satisfactorily complete no fewer than 16 units. These must include:

  • 3 units from the English group.
  • 3 sequences of units at the 3 and 4 level other than English.
  • VET units can form part of your 16 units of study.
Example of a typical two year VCE course:

In this example, the student has completed 24 units of study with:

  • One study undertaken in Year 10 (2 units)
  • Six studies in Year 11 (12 units)
  • Five studies in Year 12 (10 units)

Elective Curriculum Structure: Year 11 (Semester 1 & 2)

  • Elective A – English or equivalent
  • Elective B – Free Choice
  • Elective C – Free Choice
  • Elective D – Free Choice
  • Elective E – Free Choice
  • Elective F – Free Choice

Elective Curriculum Structure: Year 12 (Semester 1 & 2)

  • Elective A – English or equivalent
  • Elective B – Free Choice
  • Elective C – Free Choice
  • Elective D – Free Choice
  • Elective E – Free Choice

Intermediate and Senior VCAL