The kindergarten is committed to educating children about healthy food and healthy eating habits, and encouraging children to broaden their knowledge of food and sample a variety of foods.

Kindergarten Policy

Our policy is that:

  • Cultural food differences will be respected.
  • Children with specific dietary requirements will only eat food provided for them which is approved or provided by their parents. Children who have special dietary requirements for health or medical reasons will have their needs made known to everyone responsible for them.
  • As some Children & Staff may have severe allergies to some foods the School Council has a policy requesting no nut products being brought to the Kindergarten. We seek everyone’s cooperation in this matter.
  • No child will be forced to eat or drink what they do not want.
  • There will be no withholding of food or drink as a method of behaviour management. nor use of food as a bribe or incentive.
  • Children will be encouraged to develop independence in serving and clearing away food and drinks and in managing utensils, pouring, drinking and eating.
  • Children will have access to water whenever they need it. Children will drink water for morning and afternoon tea. in addition, individual drink bottles will be provided by parents, filled with water.
  • Staff will develop a plan and routine which practices the nutrition policies when children are at the Kindergarten.
  • Parents will provide a healthy snack for their child each day they attend Kindergarten. Foods provided should be hygienically prepared and stored, and will be those foods unlikely to cause choking in young children.

Appropriate food for children’s Morning & Afternoon Tea and Lunch

3 year old – As the sessions are very short we ask that ONLY cut up fruit and vegetables are supplied in the children’s lunch box and a bottle of water is provided.

4 year old – Parents provide morning / afternoon tea and lunch for their child during a kinder session.

We like to encourage parents to send lots of “whole” foods in lunch boxes, such as:

  • Sandwiches – Vegemite, salad, cheese, meat, alfalfa, tomato, tuna.
  • Fresh fruit – apples, oranges, mandarins, bananas, kiwi and passionfruit
  • Vegetables – carrots, zucchini, capsicum, celery, cold cooked potato.
  • Other – cold rice, yoghurt, cold sausages and other meats. cold pasta noodles, dry biscuits, dip for vegetables/biscuits.
  • Sweet things – Muffins, cakes-made from home

And less processed packaged food, such as:

  • Roll ups, fruit sticks, muesli and other bars, packets of biscuits, cheese and dip biscuits, etc.

We know that these packets are convenient and the children like them and are okay as treats but we would prefer not to see lunch boxes with any of these foods. We discourage children from bringing chips and lollies.