Starting school is an important step in your child’s journey into education.

As a parent of a future Foundation student, we understand that the process of selecting your child’s future school and their transition into this new phase of their life can sometimes seem overwhelming. As such, we at Boronia K-12 College aim to provide families with the required support network and information.

From 2018, our Prep students will be in a new learning space, where they will be until the end of Year 2. This space is set up to allow easy access to hands on learning experiences, a range of engaging books and digital technologies. The space allows students to work both in individual classrooms, as well as in larger groupings in the shared areas. This flexibility is invaluable to create exciting and engaging learning experiences. It also means a community of learners can be created within the building, so that students feel comfortable working with students and teachers in other classes.

It is important to us at the college to ensure we know each new child joining the college. As such, the process of gaining information begins the year before – with kinder visits, transition paperwork and observations during transition day activities. At the start of the school year, you will be invited to ‘Get to Know You’ interviews with your child’s teacher, where you can form a relationship and share information on the academic and social/emotional needs of your child. Teachers and students will also engage in a range of assessments to ensure we know the starting point for each child’s educational journey at the college.